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Ever since I purchased my first horse, Lena, it has been quite a wild ride. This horse has truly taught me everything I know about training horses. Although she will always be my sassy little mare, she has grown into an amazing riding companion. Our favorite things now are riding bridleless and performing liberty routines.

It was an amazing experience starting my first mustang, Lakota.  In the Dakota Sioux language Lakota means, "friend or ally." Right from the beginning I could see how smart and trainable this "wild mustang" was.  Along the journey he has shown me he is the most loyal "friend and ally" I have.  My wife might be jealous of all the attention I give him, except she loves riding him as much as I do!

My most challenging horse to work with was a brood mare named Dutchess. Dutchess tested every aspect of my horse knowledge and then some.   I was hired to evaluate if she might be safe to use in a riding program for special needs children. I am happy to say after several months of training Dutchess did very well and is now regularly used in the riding program.

Jazz is a horse that presented her own unique challenges. Jazz’s owner was thrown while riding her which caused a severe injury to the owner. Training Jazz and getting a better foundation was only the first step. I also worked with the owner to get her over her fear of riding again. This combination of training horse and rider resulted in the two of them building a better partnership.

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