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Tucker Black and his wife, Holly, are both Colorado natives and have lived near Conifer, Colorado since 2002. Tucker discovered his love for horses early in his childhood when he spent many summers at his Aunt Terri’s ranch in South Dakota. Although his love for horses has been lifelong, his true passion for training horses began in 2007 with the purchase of a 4 year old mare named Lena. During the first few days of working with Lena, Tucker began to realize how important a good foundation is. Although Lena is an extremely smart animal, it was evident that when she had been started, there were some critical steps in the training process that had been overlooked, thus allowing some bad habits to form. With time and patience, Tucker worked with Lena to correct these bad habits and helped her become the gentle, good mannered riding companion that she is today. Through this journey with Lena, Tucker’s view of the relationship between horse and human was transformed. It became obvious to Tucker that the foundation of a successful relationship between horse and human is one based on trust, respect, and consistency. This philosophy is now the foundation of Tucker Black Horsemanship, LLC.


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Tucker Black, Head Trainer 


Holly Black, Almost everything else


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